Welcome to AKKA Benelux & MATIS Benelux

AKKA & MATIS Benelux were created with the desire to meet the needs of a technological environment that increasingly requires outside expertise and creative, collaborative ways of working. In this way, AKKA & MATIS Benelux has been adapting for more than 25 years to an industrial world in constant flux.

Excel, grow, adapt

AKKA & MATIS Benelux try to work in harmony with the demands of its clients and the aspirations of its employees. At the heart of high-tech developments in the essential industries of tomorrow, AKKA & MATIS Benelux view their relations with clients and employees in terms of respect and long-term viability.

The dynamics generated by working on our clients' exciting projects drive each of our consultants to excel individually. The wide variety of requests continually forces us to grow and to adapt our organisation.

Building and growing expertise and management

AKKA & MATIS Benelux are therefore an excellent springboard for many brilliant young engineers. Owing to the large number of sectors AKKA-MATIS operate in, they gain considerable experience and increase their expertise and their managerial ability.

Jean-Christophe Van Dycke
General Manager